Guidelines with Ryan McMahon; Minnesota

Written on 07/13/2022
Musky Hunter

In Minnesota we saw a little bit of a delayed bite in the Twin Cities due to a cooler spring, but in the last couple weeks we have hit our stride here. I’ve been fishing mostly in West Central MN the last couple weeks and fishing has been great. 
As water warmed up through the low 70’s we had a nice mix of a bucktail bite in the weeds and an open water bite over suspended bait. Bucktail fish have been in tall standing cabbage and biting Musky Frenzy IC9’s mostly. 
Open water fish have been biting near balled up tullibees but these windows have been short. Medussa’s and Poseidon’s with a KBT Ticker attachement have been good, along with the Musky Innovations Double Dawg. 
Trolling bite has not been as great for me but have got a couple of fish in the past couple of days. 
Water is warming and reaching peak temperatures. They are staying fishable and hopefully fish will stay in the weeds as long as possible. 
Ryan McMahon