Guidelines: Chase Gibson - Ohio

Written on 07/17/2022

Late spring always brings hardships when it comes to Southern reservoirs fishing and warm water temps! So during this time frame I head north! This year I guided in Northeastern Ohio for a couple weeks. It was a great time, while my local water temps were well into the 80s, the lake I fished was mid 70s. Water clarity was great and the fish were biting! I found most of the fish were transitioning from shallow weeds to deeper water. So deep weed edges, points, and humps were my best producing structures. Weed edges were the most valuable for holding active eating fish. Casting rubber, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits into the weeds and pulling them out off the edge was the ticket. When the fish were being inactive, putting my boat on the inside and casting out was the most productive. 

As far as rubber goes red October tubes, Magnum Bulldawgs, and regular Medussa’s were best, jerkbaits was mainly a Dyin dawg, and a llungen nut buster was my best spinnerbait. When I found a very deep weed edge I stuck with rubber and the dying dawg often times adding a chaos weight. Medium to fast stop and go cadence was key to triggering strikes! Here’s a couple fish caught using these strategies! Keep an eye out this winter for an Episode of Mayhems 10000 casts doing these techniques!