Forward Facing Sonar Update to Rules

Written on 07/26/2022

From the Director of the PMTT: 

Dear PMTT Angler, 

As many of you know, we have been researching the “Forward Facing Sonar” Live Scope and other like brands and technology’s use during PMTT tournaments going forward. We not only requested feedback from the PMTT Trail Team members to give their opinions and views but gathered data and information, from across the fishing industry and beyond. We explored other tournaments, tournament circuits, other species and consulted with people throughout the fishing industry. 

Everyone at the PMTT is always striving for what’s best for the PMTT and its anglers, even if the decisions made are not the popular one or the favored opinion and methods. After we compiled all of this information, we then viewed it from several different angles. It was weighed out as to the positives and negatives, its impact either way on the tournaments and playing devil’s advocate with the scenarios, cause and effects with each of these and how they could play out. 

While we were equally concerned with what the PMTT anglers wanted, this was also weighed out heavily as to if we are hearing from the vocal minority or the masses with these thoughts and opinions. Through this, we have concluded that going forward in the 2022 season, for the last qualifier on Leech Lake and the championship in September, the “Forward Facing Sonar”  Live Scope and all other like brand technology, will not be allowed for use during these two PMTT tournaments. These will be banned from use two hours before the start of the first day of the tournament, until the end of the last day of the tournament. 

This decision is for the rest of the 2022 PMTT season and not a permanent fixture in the PMTT as it will be re-evaluated after the season. If this decision is reason enough for any team to no longer want to compete in this year’s tournaments, please contact the PMTT by email only at for a refund. 

We hope everyone is well, enjoying their summer and we look forward to seeing everyone next month at Leech Lake. 


Tim Widlacki

Tournament Director



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