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Written on 05/25/2022
Musky Hunter

You could not be more perfectly situated for an awesome Ontario fishing adventure than vacationing at Merkel's Camp. We are centrally located on the Wabigoon/ Dinorwic chain of lakes with close and easy access to the best fishing imaginable! Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake are the top fishing lakes in Ontario for the combination of size, numbers and species. Wabigoon and Dinorwic's shallow and nutrient waters produce massive size Muskie, Giant Northern Pike, big fat Walleyes, feisty hard-fighting Smallmouth Bass as well as hoards of Perch and Crappie. Enjoy shallow water fishing all summer long!

Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake are also easy lakes to fish because you don't have to worry about fish taking off into super-deep water when the weather changes. Guests of every age and ability find fantastic success on Wabigoon, and its 9 chain lakes! There are drive-to lakes in the area with outstanding Lake Trout fishing.

We also offer an outpost camp on Little Basket Lake. Our Drive-to Outpost cabin on Little Basket Lake is one hour from our main camp. It is the only cabin on the Lake. Little Basket Lake has amazing Walleye and Northern Pike fishing as well as Lake Trout. There is lake access to Basket Lake.

The wilderness surrounding our camp produces outstanding hunting for Black Bear, Wolf, Grouse and Ducks but is best known for its legendary Whitetail DeerHunting. Black Bears get big and the opportunity for a trophy Black Bear is exceptional due to our multiple stands in our large Bear Management Area (BMA). There are hundreds of paths and ATV trails, which will give you access to a huge population of Grouse. The Dryden area is also within the Mississippi Flyway where millions of ducks stop to rest on their way south in the fall. Our lodge is located at the northern boundary of the famous Whitetail Triangle. We have a great fare-chase wild Whitetail Buck hunt. Whitetail Deer in our area grow huge racks with unbelievable mass. Their bodies are thick and muscular and enable them to survive the harsh northern winters.

All this wilderness excitement and adventure can be experienced in the comfort of our large, private, clean and fully-equipped lakeside housekeeping cabins on Wabigoon Lake. If you want to bring your RV or rough it a bit in a tent, we also have a fully-serviced campground. Travelers of the Trans-Canada-Highway (highway 17) are welcome to stop in and rest for the night. We offer a Condo Unit. Reservations are required.

Merkel's Camp
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