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Written on 06/01/2022
Musky Hunter

Welcome to the future of musky fishing, the Musky Hunter Magazine mobile app and digital publication.

For decades Musky Hunters from across the globe have patiently waited for the world class content Musky Hunter Magazine is known for. However, this new modern age has ushered in an era of immediacy. Modern Musky Hunters need up to the second information, tips, trends and tactics and that is exactly what Musky Hunter Magazine will continue to provide in a digital format.

No more waiting, no subscriptions, just world class musky fishing information in the palm of your hand.

Below is a breakdown of things that are currently avaliable and as always Musky Hunter Magazine will lead the industry charghing ahead with new and advanaced features.

Home Screen – this is a small snapshot of the most recent material we have posted to the app. Get the latest articles, videos, podcasts, and news from the Musky world at a quick glance. We will do our very best at keeping this updated regularly with a new post each day, and up to the minute News – as we learn
about it, we will make it available to you.

Articles – Here are articles made available to you throughout the life of the app. You can scroll through all of them and read as many as you like. These are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top all the way back to the start of it. (That’s NOW!)

Videos – These are videos we have found or created ourselves and know they need to be shared with you.  Could be anything from a great catch to an instructional video on best practices on the water, we all need a refresher from time to time.

The Bite – in this section we have dubbed “The Bite” will give you useful tips on expanding your bite opportunity whether it’s a new bait available or what phase the moon is in currently.

Musky Hunter Spotlight – will allow our management team to select and write about a different area for Musky fishing. This could be a lake, river, lodge, region, or area. Keep checking back as this will change regularly throughout the life of the app.

PMTT News – you are able to stay up to date with the current leader board, information provided from PMTT and available right here in the palm of your hands.

Trolling Charts – use the suggested charts for your favorite crank baits. Each chart will provide you with suggested depths, speeds to troll, amount of line necessary, and creator of your favorite baits and lures.

What’s In Your Net – these are photo submissions from all of you – you submit them in the next area…

Reader Photo Submissions – this is where you submit your favorite photos and after review, we make those submissions available for all to see in “What’s In Your Net?”.

Below that are direct links to some of the companies who are helping make this a reality for all involved, including YOU!

Tackle Box – Anything and Everything you need is right here!

Shop Musky Hunter Merch – get the latest shirt, hat, glove, book, DVD, and anything else we have in our online store!

Musky Lodges and Destinations – these businesses want you and we want to help you get there!

Musky Hunter Approved Guides – these guides are writers, influencers, and all-around great guides for you to schedule a trip with very soon!

Musky Length/Weight Calculator – just like from the website – you key in your dimensions you measured and right there is the weight of your catch!

Musky Records – this includes up to date state record catches with images for those that were available to us!

Musky Events Calendar – This section covers all of the Musky World events – some have been found by our team, but you can submit them to us!

Musky Hunter Polls – sometimes we throw out a poll just to keep you involved – this will allow you to give your 2 cents – which most of us do anyway!

Musky Country Video Game Demo – very fun and exciting digital game for your phone, tablet, or desktop! Check it out!

Musky Road Rules Podcast & Musky 360 Podcast – available on your favorite platforms but even more – they are both available RIGHT HERE!

Search Musky Hunter – this is a keyword search for anything in the App. Say you are looking for anything about a specific place, person, or item – type it in the search box and whalah! There is anything article or video with that word in it!

Contact Musky Hunter Magazine – contact the editoral and advertising staff at Musky Hunter Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support of Musky Hunter Magazine.

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